Saturday, March 27, 2010

ActionScript 3 (Flash)

Well, I to be honest haven't taken a break from coding; I've been dabbling in ActionScript. I took a look at the Shootorials on Kongregate, and I realized how easy AS3 was to use. I honestly composed this game found in this tutorial (on page 1) in about 6 hours. I'm still contemplating spending my summer with C/C++, or ActionScript. Seeing how easy AS3 is to use, I may just spend my summer trying to develop a game in order to make some spare cash. On the other hand, I could spend my summer coding in C/C++ to get a bit of a headstart for DigiPen.

I found the website, and immediately fell in love with all of the sample code. Take a look here if you are at all interesting in coding flash games.

I've also been spending my time reading Rules of Play: Game Design Fundamentals in order to better understand what makes games fun to play. I plan to utilize this knowledge to finish my RPG which is being constructed as a StarCraft 1 map file.

So far, I plan to balance out the three of these projects during my summer, focusing mainly on finishing my RPG, and coding a decent AS3 game, all the while keeping brushed up on C/C++ with my collection of C/C++ books I have sitting on my computer.

If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions about the above links or ideas, please feel free to let me know by commenting!!