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Randy Gaul is a Sophomore DigiPen student studying for his Bachelor's in Computer Science: Real-Time Interactive Simulation (CSRTIS). He also enjoys competitive SC2, in which he goes by the handle "CecilSunkure".

Ever since being a little boy he has had a wonderful passion for creating projects that could be shared with other people, be it LEGOs, art, and professionally: video games.

His hobbies include activities such as: competitive real-time strategy (RTS) games; traditional art; programming in C and C++; Minecraft/Terraria; high class dessert games.

Computer Science
Randy is fluent in both C and C++ programming languages, and also has experience in Python and AS3. He specializes in video game programming, and greatly enjoys engine architecture and low-level programming.

Programming and Portfolio Projects
Randy continually creates new projects and portfolio pieces during his studies at DigiPen. Click here to view them.

Artistic Study
Before attending DigiPen a lot of Randy's time had been spent on studying the application of traditional art with graphite and charcoal. Through these studies a foundation in light theory, visual sense, composition, and portraiture were gained. Though these skills are hobbyist at best, they help tremendously in many areas of expertise in providing another viewpoint and skill-set to delve from. Much of the art in his portfolio pieces are created entirely on his own.

A collection of some artistic workings can be found here:

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