Portfolio Projects

AsciiEngine (Platform: PC Windows; Language: C; July - August 2012)
AsciiEngine is a 2D game engine for Windows XP, Vista, and Win7 that allows the user to easily create and display images within a Windows console.
  • Role: Programmer; implement entire project from scratch
  • Construct easy and simple to use API for interfacing with graphics, game logic, object management, simple serialization and deserialization
  • Implement interactive demo, featuring functional 2D platforming simulation with character attacking and inventory support
  • Design and implement all the various features of the engine

Ancient Forest and Grumpy Monsters (Platform: PC Windows; Lanuage: C; December - June 2012)
Ancient Forest and Grumpy Monsters (AFGM) is a 2D top-down RTS game, where the player plays as an ancient magical forest to fight off a faction of Grumpy Monsters. Placing down tree structures is the main mechanic. These structures act as defensive towers, spawn creatures of the forest, and spread purification onto the land to counteract the spreading corruption of the Grumpy Monsters.
  • Role: Technical director
  • Design and implement most core tech features: Input; File I/O; Domain specific scripting for level scripts; OO game object design; Simple pathfinding; Game logic; Font rendering
  • Game Design: designed multiple in-game units and scenarios; balanced all unit stats
  • Created roughly half of all art assets featured in-game

TerraNisi (Platform: PC Windows; Language: C; August - December 2011)
TerraNisi is a very simple 2D game with ASCII graphics, based around solving small puzzles in order to stop a fiery demon from burning down the world's trees. This game was the very first game I had ever worked on from scratch, and I learned a tremendous amount creating it.
  • Role: Programmer
  • Input, gameplay, and graphics programming
  • Created about half of art assets featured in-game

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