Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Just got back from Winter Break. This alone should explain the long span between my two last posts.

In an attempt to keep this blog from becoming a diary, I want to jump straight back into my old daily routine of programming after homework//school.

I have some interesting links to share today. The first link is a link to a site in which I will be basing future studies on. I came across this site via a friend who is in their Junior year of college, and pursuing a degree in CS. He recommended that I read these books and follow along in them:

I will begin with the first book labeled as Volume 1 (filename TIC2Vone.pdf) found at this link:

Before I head into this book, I will also be studying this code:

That, is code that demonstrates tokenizing in C++ just like I did before, and it creates a square. The difference between this code and my code, is that my code sucks and this doesn't. I will look over this code, understand it, then try to replicate something similar using it as a reference. Once I create a similar console program, I will then try to replicate the code once more without using the linked code as reference (unless I get stuck). This allows me to understand the code at a level of detail that is beneficial to me as I learn to use the C++ language.

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