Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ancient Forest and Grumpy Monsters

Hello all! I've been away for a little while over the summer. This summer is the one that came right after my Freshman year, and so I wasn't able to get an internship. This means that this summer is likely going to be the last one I'll ever have to really just relax. So I took a month or two off from programming and did some other things. I've been working a lot at hotkeyit.com creating content.

I've finally have a finished product to show off from my second semester at DigiPen! The game is called: Ancient Forest and Grumpy Monsters. The whole idea is to as an ancient magical forest to fight off a faction of Grumpy Monsters! Placing down tree structures is the main mechanic. These structures act as defensive towers, spawn creatures of the forest, and spread purification onto the land to counteract the spreading corruption of the Grumpy Monsters.

Here's a little info on the team qMopey that created the game:

The team, qMopey, is a team of four programmers that are currently attending DigiPen IT that are developing the game Ancient Forest and Grumpy Monsters. This game is our second semester project. The game was coded in C using a DigiPen in-house DirectX library. The only functionality used from this library was loading images into memory, and displaying them on screen -even mesh creation is handled by our team. The team consists of:
  • Anh Do
  • Kevin Giang
  • Colton DeGraw
  • Randy Gaul (CecilSunkure)
Gameplay Screenshot of corruption and purified land.
In order to gain resources you place any structure underneath a sun tile! Each tree under a sun tile produces a single extra income point.

Aren't the sunrays absolutely adorable?
As the player progresses through the campaign levels new monsters and technologies are introduced. Here are a couple images of some of the various units on the Grumpy Monster's unit roster:
Here's the download link to the actual game's installer:

  • 21786 lines of code
  • 220 source files
  • 1 million hours of work (joking, but it felt like 1 million)
  • All art was created by programmers on the team who actually get no class credit for the art
  • Anh Do is terrible at the game Lol

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