Monday, April 19, 2010

Card Simulation: Complete

I have finished my Mau Mau card game!!

There are now two "unique" cards. Playing a seven makes the next player draw a card, and playing an Ace makes the next player lose a turn. The face up stack now sets itself as the deck and shuffles when the deck empties. If a player plays all their cards in their hand they win, and the program exits using sys.exit().

I may in the future add in support for multiple Ai players, but for now I shall not. I want to start on a new and more complicated project, and I don't feel that working on this much more will help me to learn much more.

Currently 333 lines of code.

Here is a link to the .exe file in case you want to play it:

Here is a link to the .py source file:

As for my next project, I want to make a very small fighting game. The game will be text based, and will feature a small map, a battle sequence, and random battle events while walking on the map. I also want to have a interactive map (e.g. open doors), as well as a very limited inventory for dealing out different attacks. All in all, I want to have about 3 enemies. Basically this project is a mini-RPG, without upgradeable stats or any storyline. The point of the project is just to solidify my general coding capabilities, along with furthering my use of OO.

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